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CD REVIEW: Emile & Emilio – Nostalgic Dream
By Ben Ohmart - 11/30/2002 - 09:05 PM EST

Artist: Band: Emile & Emilio
Album: Nostalgic Dream
CD Review: Emile (Lambrev) is the pianist, who was the youngest participant at the Fifth International P.I. Tchaikovsky Piano Competition, held in the Soviet Union, and toured Europe with the hit eastern European rock band, Signal. The band performed 40 concerts in 30 days, for an average of 6000 people per show.

Emilio (Palame) has worked with the legendary Miss Peggy Lee as her accompanist and conductor and continues to produce and arrange music in Los Angeles.

Together these guys have fashioned 51 minutes of easy listening/ new age/ instrumental/ smooth jazz piano music, with a touch of world music thrown in for good behavior. Like a Gerswhin piece, the music within this 10 track disc hovers between orchestral and piano (plus synth) and seems so incredibly pop (in that Boston Pops way), that it’s hard to pin down just what the music is or is trying to be.

Take the title track, ‘Nostalgic Dream,’ which flits for 7 minutes like something the Peanuts composer might’ve tried had he needed to do Anything else after amassing a fortune. A drum beat now and then is scared off by violins and the whole ten yards.

This is indeed an odd, spirited and very welcome collaboration between these two, with Emile leading the way like a star in the Hollywood Bowl night.

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