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CD REVIEW: Rob Bodle – “In A Former Life”
By Stacey Board - 01/29/2003 - 08:06 PM EST

Artist: Rob Bodle
Album: “In A Former Life”
CD Review: This is an easygoing, mild contemporary folk record. The songs touch on topics drawn largely from his personal experience and reflections on life. But Rob most definitely has an imagination and sense of humor which shows in “Life Is Good” and “In My S.U.V”. I remember hearing “In My S.U.V” on the NPR show Cartalk, and I thought it was funny then too! Good for Rob.

Rob is a songwriter in a more traditional folk style. It's straightforward lyrically, not layers of metaphor. You almost get the feeling you are reading his diary or his letters to friends.

“Something Different” is one of the strongest songs in my opinion. He’s got an interesting guitar hook and melody, and the bass and slide guitar work are the perfect accompaniment. I also especially like the line “I’m a hopeless romantic in a Mulder/Scully kind of way”. I think it’s the most varied in melody, rhythm and his most interesting lyrically.

Rob’s also got a honey smooth, pleasing voice and the songs are arranged in suitably smooth and easy listening type arrangements. There are only three songs of the 12 that have any percussion. There is a wide variety of accompanying instruments though, including some mandolin, Hammond B3 organ, and some electric guitars. He also includes the tunings for the songs in the liner notes, and I think that’s cool.

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