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CD REVIEW: Robin Eye – “down to the ground”
By Stacey Board - 01/29/2003 - 09:01 PM EST

Artist: Band: Robin Eye
Album: “down to the ground”
CD Review: Robin Eye is an interesting trio based in Washington. The songs are written by Matt Raney and Rob Ross, some together and some separately. The trio consists of both of the formentioned playing acoustic guitars and singing, joined by Brenin Williams playing cello. It’s a more unique combination of instruments than most and I really like it.

On many of the tracks they are joined by musical guests who add percussion, bass and some djembe. Although my description may give the impression that the arrangements seem a bit sparing at times, they are not in the least lacking in energy.

“Awaiting”, the first song on the CD, is for me by far the strongest song. It's a great little melody and the instrumentation is sweet and simple. The cello line is the hook of the song for me, along with the catchy chorus. The liner notes explain that it's actually written to Rob’s yet to be born son, coaxing him to kick. That would make sense of the chorus lines “Baby I said I love you, kindly kick here once again”.

Some of the songs express the writers’ feelings about faith and touch on that influence in their lives. Others are observations on life from their own experiences.

I do get the feeling that as songwriters they are just beginning to feel their legs. They definitely have potential as players and writers to continue to invent their sounds. They have good chemistry together and should continue to explore it.

“down to the ground” is a fine collections of songs with a unique energy and sound and I look forward to hearing more from this trio.

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