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CD REVIEW: Laura Massaro – “Quiet Bravery”
By Stacey Board - 02/22/2003 - 12:18 AM EST

Artist: Laura Massaro
Album: “Quiet Bravery”
CD Review: Massaro’s title track “Quiet Bravery” sums up what I would say to describe her music. In this song is the idea that bravery isn’t in climbing Everest, it's in facing day-to-day live with grace and dignity. The CD is very much about grace and dignity.

The songs themselves are gentle meditations on life, courage, faith and friendship; the things in Massaro’s and anyone’s life that one could say are what makes it worthwhile. There is a synthesis of some traditional folk instrumentation, with a touch of new age and a dash of celtic influence. You will hear harp, djembe, pennywhistle, flute and cello.

The songs are piano based, and could be described as a much kinder, gentler Tori Amos. There is passion here, but not histrionics. Her voice sweet and expressive and flows lightly along over the piano.

She has a playfully imaginative song “When God comes Out To Play”, and quotes the Buddha and Rumi in her liner notes to give you an idea of the reflections on life you will find expressed in her songs. “Quiet Bravery” is a CD full of positive, encouraging, meditative songs skillfully played and subtly arranged.,

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