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CD REVIEW: John Balint Ė Connected
By Ben Ohmart - 05/10/2003 - 07:57 PM EDT

Artist: John Balint
Album: Connected
CD Review: Itís not often I request another CD after hearing someoneís previous music. But with John Balint, it had to be done. Sure, there are other cds sitting here that mightíve come in earlier, and they are piling up. But when Ďinstrumental music for relaxationí like this comes in, I canít wait to get Connected.

1. Connected (4:24)
2. Dreamtrance in 11/8 (3:54)
3. Friend Coming Home (5:29)
4. Leaving Together (3:53)
5. Finding the One (3:44)
6. Sanctuary of Moments (4:25)
7. Simultaneity (4:52)
8. In a New Age Country (4:54)
9. 100 Years From Now (2:08)
10. Knowing What to Save (5:48)
11. Beneath the Blue III (3:39)
12. It's What You Make of It (5:36)

are played by the composer of Paradise Within, which climbed to #2 on the new age voice top-100 radio chart last year. Connected is just as good, if not better. Itís called music for massage, relaxation, contemplation and thoughtful listening, and Iím not swift enough to expand on that. Thatís just what I think.

Okay, Iíve put the CD on again and can think more clearly. This isnít your typical new age music, it is memorable and pop first, but itís also gentler than a baby wipes commercial. Very special. But you must make it special. John can only help you so far. Your mind and spirit must do the rest.

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