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CD REVIEW: Mare Lennon – “Warhol Highway”
By Stacey Board - 05/20/2003 - 02:25 PM EDT

Artist: Mare Lennon
Album: “Warhol Highway”
CD Review: Excellent songwriting to me means thoughtful lyrics, intriguing melodies played with heart and strong technique. It’s a fine balance of art and science and trust me, I know that it is a slippery, objective thing. But may I please point to Mare Lennon’s excellent “Warhol Highway” as an example we will all likely agree upon?

The evidence: Her silky voice and production of the CD are simply gorgeous. And I mean simple… as in subtle and appropriate. Just right. Gorgeous, as in beautiful, lush and rich.

One of my favorites is “Revolving Door”, one of the more muscular songs on the CD. It's got a great groove melodically and rhythmically and a slightly darker intensity that works really well with the subject matter. “Through this glass we dance and circle/Around a love that’s half alive/Just like eagles tend to circle/In a speculating sky” sung while backup voices swirl around like the imagery being suggested.

But they are all strong songs and performances. Her slower tempo ballads ache with the grace of her words and voice.

Lennon and Ed Tree share production credits and the results are stellar. There are many subtle touches that keep your ear focused and intrigued while they expand the overall richness of the song. She’s got top-notch players backing her up all over every song on the CD also. There’s just nothing to not like here. Great songwriting, great performances, great production touches and quality.

If you don’t fall in love with this CD, check your pulse to make sure it's still there.,,

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