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CD REVIEW: Sam Hensley – “Run Like Water”
By Stacey Board - 05/20/2003 - 02:58 PM EDT

Artist: Sam Hensley
Album: “Run Like Water”
CD Review: Sam Hensley is a talented guy. I see at the very least, glimmers of that in each song on the CD. Some songs are slightly more rudimentary than others but he’s definitely got talent for writing, playing and singing. The material has spiritual influences and some references but the emotions and messages are very universal.

When he hits the target, he hits it with a bang. “Broken” is a real stand out and my favorite. It has got, for lack of a better word, a “bouncy” catchy rhythm and interesting melodic bass work that completely hooked me in. The backing vocals are really just spot on also. This is a very shiny little gem.

He has a very solid acoustic guitar style, and a very rich pleasing natural singing voice. Hensley is backed by some very fine players, notably Derek Jones on bass and Claire Holley singing on “Broken”.

He also made a fine choice in Rob Seals as producer. It sounds to me like they are a wonderful creative match. I think the production choices are great. There is energetic percussion when there needs to be and there is simple voice and guitar when the material calls for that.

I hope Sam Hensley keeps up the good work and if I had my way, “Broken” would be elbowing out lots of far less deserving ick on the radio.

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