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CD REVIEW: Immij - "Destined"
By Gian F - 06/28/2003 - 02:19 AM EDT

Artist: Immij
Album: "Destined"
CD Review: Genre: R&B/Pop
Sounds Like: One Voice
Technical Grade: 6
Production/Musicianship Grade: 6
Commercial Value: 6
Overall Talent Level: 7
Songwriting Skills: 6
Performance Skill: 6
Best Songs: So In Love, Good Girls, I Wish, Waiting For You
Weakness: Inferior production, hit-and-miss vocal arrangements, wordy lyrics
CD Review: I was first introduced to the Asian music community several years ago. Since then, I, along with many of the talented artists who belong to it, have been asking the same question: is there ever going to be an Asian music artist that is a commercial success? Is there ever going to be an Asian invasion similar to the Latin invasion that was initiated by Gloria Estefan in 1985 and cemented by Ricky Martin in 1998? That's a long time. Someone has to initiate the Asian invasion, will it be Immij, a four member vocal group based in Daly City, California?

The first time I listened to their debut CD, "Destined," I didn't think so. It's not because of the individual or collective talent of the group, which is above average, it's the production of their talent that doesn't rise above mediocrity.

The intro, "Destined," starts the CD with a dialogue between the group members asserting their belief and their conviction that they are destined to do what they are passionate about, which in their case, is music. The combination of the producer's (Brian Keith Gasacao) choice of outdated sounds and a bad mix of the introductory song, "Hypnotized," starts the CD off on the wrong foot and leads you to think that this is a karaoke-type effort at doing original music...then...."So In Love," the track that follows, comes on and the CD seems to start over...this time, on the right foot.

Perhaps the most commercial song on this project, and the one with the most urban radio appeal, is "Good Girl." It is the one song that truly harnesses the soulful and sultry qualities of the ladies of Immij. Though it's radio-friendly, it does lack power in comparison to current r&b hits. Any punch that the song is lacking, can once again be attributed to the production. A slick video would help to camouflage it.

The remainder of the songs on the CD, with the exception of "I Wish," and "Still Waiting" - both of which beautifully display their angelic harmonzing skills - aren't exactly filler, but they aren't exactly hits either.

Advice: Find different, or additional producers to work with.

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