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CD REVIEW: TruNDeed - "Tru to the Game"
By Gian F - 07/01/2003 - 12:53 AM EDT

Artist: TruNDeed
Album: "Tru to the Game"
CD Review: Genre: Rap
Sounds Like: ?
Technical Grade: 8
Production/Musicianship Grade: 8
Commercial Value: 8
Overall Talent Level: 8
Songwriting Skills: 8
Performance Skill: 8
Best Songs: On Fire, Bounce, Meant To Be, Welcome, Can I, Shake Ya Body
Weakness: Needs songs with faster tempo
CD Review: When I first received this project, "Tru To The Game," his second full-length CD, I was impressed with its slick, professional presentation. Once I listened to it, I was even more impressed with his talent.

Trundeed, who is from Oakland, California, is a rap artist who doesn't have the attitude (or criminal record) of a 50 Cent, the bravado of a Jay-Z, or the twisted personality of an Eminem, but he compensates for it with lyrical potency, a rare blend of coolness, confidence, style, and maturity which rivals that of a veteran far beyond his years.

He's sure to receive his street props with tracks like "On The Rise," "On Fire," "Wanna Be's," and "Don't Hate Me." They all lay out his point of view with spunky conviction and display the flowing skills that easily make him a force to be reckoned with as an up-and-coming mc to watch.

But his shinning and most distinguishing moments come in what should be the first two singles released from this project. "Bounce," which has the potential to be a monster club hit, conjures up images of scantily clad video babes and shiny tricked out cars. It has the most commercial appeal and would fit nicely in today's radio rotations.

Also sticking to the radio format formula is what looks to be the lead off single, "Meant To Be," which is reminiscent of the Ja Rule/Ashanti type production with the strong R&B feel and sing-along chorus.

The project's producer, Greg Singletary of G Note music, has produced a commercially competitive repertoire of songs that conform and cater to industry standards, while showcasing and embracing Tru's uniqueness and personality. There is a wide array of material that will appeal to a wide array of people, and that is a formula that's conducive to success...true indeed.

Advice: Crank up the marketing and promotions machine. You've got a lot of talent and product to work. Good Luck.

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