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CD REVIEW: Conspiracy – The Unknown
By Ben Ohmart - 07/04/2003 - 02:31 PM EDT

Artist: Conspiracy
Album: The Unknown
CD Review: Yes, for those of you who aren’t sure, the band is Conspiracy, the title is The Unknown. Hard to tell sometimes, isn’t it?

This is the 2nd album from Conspiracy, populated by the 2 guys (and another) who functioned as the front door to Yes West. That was a different direction Yes took in the 80s, when some felt they lost their direction. Personally, I think that stuff was some of their best, and Talk is still my favorite Yes album.

However, what you’ll hear from

Chris Squire – vocals, bass
Jay Schellen – drums
Billy Sherwood – vocals, guitar

is much more akin to Drama, that 1980 album, than anything else. With the possible exception of Open Your Eyes (a sadly underrated Yes album, and not the direction Yes is currently going in). The Unknown is just under an hour and is SURE to please all lovers of Drama and 80s Yes fan. Definitely. Sometimes, a few of these 9 tracks sound like they could’ve been completely lifted from the same sessions as Drama and Open Your Eyes. The production is very good, but not lavish, nor extraordinary in its use of stereo, so there’s a fine nostalgic feel for the Squire years.

It’s certainly progressive rock, though it’s hard to say if un-Yes fans are going to think as much of it as InsideOut Music’s other release, the new Spock’s Beard. Who cares. Conspiracy is a great ride, teeming with challenging music and hot tunes.

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