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CD REVIEW: Kaila - "Kaila"
By Gian F - 07/15/2003 - 12:50 AM EDT

Artist: Kaila
Album: "Kaila"
CD Review: Genre: R&B
Sounds Like: Vanessa Dou/Samantha Fox
Technical Grade: 10
Production/Musicianship Grade: 10
Commercial Value: 8
Overall Talent Level: 6
Songwriting Skills: 8
Performance Skill: 6
Best Songs: Get Up On You, Get Down, What I Want, Sugar, Let's Just Do This
Weakness: Needs voice lessons...or maybe not
CD Review: How do you know when you are listening to a good CD? When you get to the end and you don't even realize how many songs you've just listened to. Kaila and the members of her production team, turned in a dazzling and polished showcase of commercial music that illustrates a keen awareness of how to compete in the producer driven arena of r&b music.

Kaila, who refers to herself as a "high profile" car import model, serves as the face (and sometimes voice) of the slick tunes of her primary producer, Mr. Lew, whose tracks are reminiscent to the chart topping hits that are produced by Mr. Everything-I-Produce-Turns-To-Gold, Rodney Jerkins.

As for the songs that would have the best radio success, I'll have to go with the ones that seem to fit her voice and personality the best: "Get Up On You," and "Get Down." The erotic keyboard parts, bouncy baselines and Kaila's provocatively breathy vocals, make them the perfect tracks for clubs, radio, and strip joints.

If Kaila can duplicate her recorded performance live (which should not be difficult) and put on a..."stimulating" show, her chances of succeeding are just as good as the next girl's...or model's.

Advice: Carefully market and promote yourself. While sex does sell, it also causes you to be dismissed as a legitimate musical talent if you don't deliver live. (Exhibit A: Adina Howard.) Develop a kick-ass stage show to validate yourself. If you don't, you will get exposed in a way that you don't want and are not accustomed to.

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