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CD Review: Clarence Bucaro - "sweet corn"
By Stacey Board - 07/17/2003 - 11:04 PM EDT

Artist: Clarence Bucaro
Album: "sweet corn"
CD Review: OK - I get the title. This is pleasingly sweet rootsy pop. There's a swing era innocence to the lyrics, arrangement and overall sound. He sounds a bit like Louden Wainright singing. There are washboards, upright bass, wafting trumpets and fiddle. The instruments may seem simplistic but the playing is quite fine.

Bucaro's guitar playing ability seems to be the centerpiece of the sound. In my opinion some of the songs have a subtle flaw. They seem like guitar compositions that have lyrics laid over them as an afterthought rather than a fully formed lyrical idea that the song is conveying. It is simply a matter of taste and perhaps the lyrical ideas are meant to be simple sketches more in line with their uncluttered sound.

My favorites are "Summer Here Inside", a sweet song that was cowritten with Anders Osbourne, and the first song on the CD "Gardens of Love" which seem to be the most developed.

There are influences of roots music styles, but he isn't limited to just sounding 'old timey'. Bucaro shows off his stylistic versatility in "I Am Just a Refugee" with a world music feel, and "Streets of Juarez" with a Latin feel.

Bucaro's sound is unique and refreshing thanks to the uncommon instrumentation and the fine playing and production sound. It's an interesting fusion of different root styles that Bucaro has made his own.

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