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CD Review: druthers - " lots and none at all"
By Stacey Board - 07/17/2003 - 11:06 PM EDT

Artist: druthers
Album: " lots and none at all"
CD Review: This is a thoroughly enjoyable CD that is like a whiskey shot and a smooth brewmaster chaser. The duo druthers is definitely this month's potent combo. (See Ezra Thomas from last month) These fellows are talented songwriters, singers, players and arrangers. "lots and none at all" is a very strong CD.

At first I thought the genre may be alt/country along the lines of Wilco or the Jayhawks. But the CD contains plenty of songs that don't fit in that frame, such as "Letting Go of Love" which is more a power pop Beatelesque tune and more eclectic in the treatment. And "11:15 jam" is downright groovy. It is nice that they don't fit neatly into a predictable category. The variation makes the collection of songs more interesting.

Part of the reason for the versatile sound may be that Dave and Mike Longenecker both contribute as songwriters. They write separately but you would probably not know it unless you read the credits. Perhaps Dave is a bit more alt country and Mike is more pop but both have a great ear for melody and for arrangement. The vocals and lyrics are out in front and both have smooth pleasing voices that also sound great together.

They both are very talented writers and together they have turned "lots and none at all" into something quite good.

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