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CD REVIEW: Bonnie Hayes – “love in the ruins”
By Stacey Board - 08/11/2003 - 05:19 PM EDT

Artist: Bonnie Hayes
Album: “love in the ruins”
CD Review: I don’t know for sure but I would say that Bonnie Hayes doesn’t have many ruins from her experiences with love at all. She seems pretty savvy, smart, humorous and wise in that it is what it is. And she’s put together a great sounding bunch of songs that selfishly, for me, make all her troubles worthwhile.

There are times when Hayes sounds so much vocally like Shawn Colvin it's spooky. But her writing style is all her own. She isn’t trying to write you any poetry here, she’s telling it like it is. She writes about situations most of us can relate to but she has her own slightly twisted perspective that makes the songs each very entertaining. If anything she could be Shawn’s younger much wilder sister.

There is a great direct energy that was captured here by the band and by the way it is produced. I like the slightly raw production sound. It suits the direct approach used in the writing (For the easily offended - she does use words that rhyme with grass and spit). Hayes writes all the songs, sings, plays guitar and even bass on one song. She’s got a definite talent for the unexpected lyric and a hook in the chorus.

I like this CD a lot. The writing is very interesting, the production sounds great and Hayes puts it all together very well.


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