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CD REVIEW: Grey Larsen & Paddy League Dark of the Moon
By Ben Ohmart - 09/20/2003 - 02:01 PM EDT

Artist: Grey Larsen & Paddy League
Album: Dark of the Moon
CD Review: No, its not a Pink Floyd tribute cd. Its

Grey Larsen Irish flute, tin whistle, anglo concertina, harmonium


Paddy League Bodhran, guitar, anglo concertina

playing traditional Irish music. The title of the cd, according to Larsen, was so named because his flute tunes are playing in the dark key of G-minor. The dark of the moon period starts the day after the full moon and continues until the day before the new moon. A time of transition. A time to think about the changes in your world and life, and that is exactly what Grey and Paddy are up to. It is not a dark album. There are moments of pensive acoustic guitars and cues to the listener through the concertina which say, Now stop a minute and consider your gifts. But any cd that contains the frivolity and good-natured folk of The Slopes of Mount Storm (written by Larsen) cannot be conceived as anything dark.

The highlands have never sounded better in this all-instrumental piece of Celtic gold. It is not meant to be dramatic like Riverdance, it is here for you, whatever your mood, and contains some of the best playing of the genre. Id like to see this cd spun in every bookstore in the land. Stimulates the need to know.

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