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CD REVIEW: Jaime Michaels – “wicked dreams second chances”
By Stacey Board - 10/13/2003 - 11:13 PM EDT

Artist: Jaime Michaels
Album: “wicked dreams second chances”
CD Review: Jaime Michaels is delightfully diverse. He shows us his humor, wit and intelligence with ‘wicked dreams second chances”.

Michaels seems to me someone that had learned quite a few things in life but isn’t up at some lecturn handing down the lesson of the day. There is a simplicity to Jaime’s lyrics that can be pleasantly disarming. This subtlety he uses in his lyric approach is very powerful. “Some people care about nothing at all / no someone to find / no somewhere to fall / I can’t imagine the pain of it all / All that nothing surrounded by nothing. “ This one is probably my favorite.

But I really like the other edges of this particular envelope also. He gives John Hiatt a run for his money in “Anything At All” with some twangy rock tinged with just the right amount of mandolin. In “Honky Red” he does a wonderfully strong and gritty performance of a song by Murray Mclauchlan. Then In “In a Hole” he uses his fine sense of humor to get us laughing at ourselves.

The title of the CD comes from a line in “I Am Only What I Am”, the second track on the CD, and a wonderful song. You might call the lyric ‘stream of semi-consciousness' because to me it sounds like someone drunk, crazy, happy and a bit lost. Regardless of the accuracy of my interpretation, the imagery and melody are very engaging.

Michaels made an excellent choice of Jono Manson as producer. The overall sound is warm and intimate, letting Michaels’ voice and fine acoustic guitar playing stand in the front. The accompanying players are also excellent doing just the right amount to compliment the song. The CD is high caliber songwriting and great playing throughout.

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