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CD REVIEW: Fletcher – “Demonstrations of False Momentum”
By Stacey Board - 11/20/2003 - 10:06 PM EST

Artist: Fletcher
Album: “Demonstrations of False Momentum”
CD Review: One of the quotes from the Fletcher CDBaby site is from Music Connection Magazine, "Musicians like John Bennett are the heart and soul of the Los Angeles scene." So where were these guys when I lived in Los Angeles?

May I add a correction: “Musicians like John Bennett and his fine band are far too good for anything I ever knew now loosely described as the Los Angeles Music Scene”. Granted I did hear some great music in LA but those were a few pinpoints of light, not some thriving ‘scene’ that supported live original music. In fact, for the 8 years I lived there, it seemed to support mostly DJ’s, cover bands, large chests and shiny pants. Talent was irrelevant and immaterial.

Enter Fletcher. Fletcher is the group name for the band, but this CD is largely the love child of John Hollingsworth-Bennett. He does all the writing and singing, as well as the acoustic guitar playing. The rest of the songs include instrumentation contributed by various very talented guitarists, drummers, keyboard players, violinists, cellist and programmers. Every note is skillfully played while letting John’s lyrics and voice stay in the front where they belong.

Each song is a fine pop work of art played by a talented, tight, energetic band. The production and arrangement are rich without being shlocky and overdone. This is NOT the Backstreet Boys. This IS some well-written, expertly produced and arranged acoustic pop and rock.

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