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CD REVIEW: Elisa Peimer – “transparent”
By Stacey Board - 11/22/2003 - 05:10 PM EST

Artist: Elisa Peimer
Album: “transparent”
CD Review: The title of the CD is perfect. Unlike lots of pop singer/songwriters, “transparent” is not trying to be clever or mysterious, it just tells it like it is.

So do Elisa Peimer’s songs. Each of Peimer’s 10 songs seem to be written straight from the heart, and sung straight from the heart. Peimer definitely put her emotions into each song, and you can hear it in the vocals. It's like someone let you read their diary. Sometimes, however, as on “When You Go”, she puts so much emotion in the vocals that she gets a little loose with her pitch on the chorus. You can still appreciate the passion that she obviously feels.

The most interesting songs to me melodically are the piano based songs. Peimer seems to take more chances and you hear more diversity in songs like “Turning Circles” and “End of the Road”. It is always tough to find the balance between creating your own identifiable sound, and not having your songs too similar to each other. Peimer has obvious talent and skill. But I like to hear her take more chances melodically and rhythmically as she does in these two songs. The diverse chord changes and unpredictable melodies are very pleasing.

Peimer is a gifted guitar and piano player. All of the players and the sound production throughout the CD are excellent. Many nice guitar and percussion touches on the songs add superior polish.

The backing vocal arrangements in all of the songs are very well done, especially on “Turning Circles” which I think is the strongest song on the CD. These are never overdone and appropriately add depth and texture. She and her producer have an excellent ear on these vocal arrangements. ‘transparent’ is also an enhanced CD so you get the bonus of a free video of “Turning Circles”.

Peimer definitely put her ‘all’ into the CD. Fans of pop singer/songwriters like Jewel will appreciate Peimer’s honest and ‘transparent’ emotional and passionate songwriting.

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