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CD REVIEW: 3 Blind Mice - 'Before They Were Famous, Vol. 2'
By Steve Allat - 12/11/2003 - 11:57 PM EST

Artist: Band: 3 Blind Mice
Album: 'Before They Were Famous- Vol. 2'
CD Review: Label: Independent
Tracks: 8
Released: 2003
For Fans Of:: Simon & Garfunkel, The Beatles
Fav Tracks: Emily Has Compassion Fatigue, Steel, Old Mother Hubbard

This trio of men from London, England brings a lot of experience to the table. Through their bio, I learn of their influences and their accomplishments, and gain some respect before even having a listen.

When I do listen, I am on the whole pleasantly surprised, as the CD is very polished, with rich, full vocals done in a more traditional (60's & 70's) folk style. The playing is flawless and the song arrangements are strong, with a contemporary feel to complement the folk influences.
The songs are little stories, and wrap themselves up nicely, although the lyrics in general are not overwhelmingly memorable - meaning there aren't any profound glimpses or all-too-catchy choruses that linger after a few listens. There are a few, but I have a feeling this band is capable of more.

This collection of songs is a pretty easy listen, and is best heard turned up a notch to let the sound of the voices envelop you in a wall of vocal texture. Next to that, I can imagine hearing these guys in a live setting, such as the corner coffee-house, and entertaining the crowd quite easily.

My only real wish for this CD would have been for . . . a 4th Blind Mouse in the form of a percussionist. While the voices and music are superb, and do drive the songs, I can feel something missing that would give the music that extra bit of character, depth and interest - something a tasteful percussionist would add to take their music up that final notch towards being on the airwaves. The few tracks that do introduce percussion, albeit programmed, are among my favourites, and that brand of 'power' folk/pop is where I think these guys really shine.

All in all, a pleasure to listen to, and a band I'll look forward to listening to again.

3 Blind Mice is: Alex Grayson, Garry Wondor and Lyndon J. Connah
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