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CD REVIEW: Steve Singh – “I Will Not Break Your Heart”
By Stacey Board - 12/19/2003 - 03:26 PM EST

Artist: Steve Singh
Album: “I Will Not Break Your Heart”
CD Review: This is a CD filled with humor, sweetness and originality. He could have also called it “I will not write anything boring or predictable”, which for me, as a CD reviewer is exactly how to not break MY heart.

How’s this for lines from a love song: "I’ll work on the sky/ When we do our cottage puzzle/ You can work on the barn – it's more fun”. This is the kind of CD that makes me really look forward to each song because I can’t wait to hear what he is going to come up with next.

Throughout the CD, Singh creates a spectrum between slowly sweet and touching to rocking pop. I like Singh’s voice very much because it suits the music perfectly. It is kind of a cross between Michael Franks and Steven Bishop. But the music is not in any way like either one of them. It's much more interesting, full of humor and intelligence. I love “NYC vs. Jeffrey Brown”. It is a great, hooky song about a subject that is actually dark. It totally draws you into the story as you enjoy the energy and melody.

“The Party Is Over” is a wonderful way to end the CD. This song is just Singh and a slightly out of tune, old timey sounding piano, singing straight from the heart. No ‘quip or a clever line’. Just sincere emotion. I hope he meant it and it worked because I really grew to like him in our 10 songs together.

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