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CD REVIEW: Chris Grace – “Compulsion”
By Stacey Board - 12/20/2003 - 12:37 AM EST

Artist: Chris Grace
Album: “Compulsion”
CD Review: Chris Grace is definitely a talented fellow with a great band and a very strong CD in “Compulsion”.

I don’t necessarily understand what every single song is about but that has never been completely necessary for me to enjoy something. I feel “Hush” is one of the strongest songs. It’s a poignant story well told.

There are three core members pictured in the foldout but I’m not clear on who is who, and how much of the songwriting deserves shared credit. OK, that said, I can tell you how very good these songs are.

The songs are varied in their melodic and rhythmic structure and all packed with power and emotion. But Grace doesn’t neglect dynamics in the songs. They don’t feel like one loud note hit for 40 minutes, like so much alternative rock can.

There are some lyrical leanings towards Christian Rock, but there isn’t any heavy handedness or preachiness. A belief in God just seems to be a filter through which Grace sees life and therefore expresses periodically. The songs are mostly the expression of that most understandable state of the human condition; wondering what the heck it all means. The emotions he expresses are explorations of love, loss, fear, courage, pain, and joy.

The players are all excellent. They are very tight and they along with the very fine production give the record its full sound. Grace’s voice is strong and supple
whether he is close to a whisper or singing to the hilt. He also doesn’t try to sing just like the lead singer in Creed which is so very delightful! He has a superior voice and sounds like no one but himself.

If you like emotional power pop with angst, electric walls of guitar sound and genuinely thoughtful lyrics then you will like “Compulsion”.

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