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CD REVIEW: Wise – “Sick World”
By Stacey Board - 12/20/2003 - 11:56 PM EST

Artist: Wise
Album: “Sick World”
CD Review:
Wise is basically a duo consisting of Dave Weise and Johnny Young. Dave does almost all the singing, and Johnny pretty much plays every instrument; guitar, bass, drums, bass and some background vocals. Johnny risks the title of evil genius because he also did a find job of producing and mixing the CD. There does seem to be a bit of a revolving door for visiting bass players and there’s probably a story there.

I am tempted to say they cowrite the songs that make the whole world mosh. Well there, I said it. They have a punkish sound, but they are more melodic and intelligent lyrically than that might imply. There is also a retro influence in there, a bit of the Beatles and Johnny Cash getting drunk with the Sex Pistols and coming up with some songs together.

The first track “Sucker” had me a bit hesitant until about 20 seconds in the rest of the lyrics began to sink in. It is wickedly funny and a very good song.

The singer has a quality spookily reminiscent of Jim Morrison of The Doors. There are also harmonies that recall the band X. Weise has a good voice and knows when to snarl and when to get smooth, and basically, how to get emotion into a song. He does overdo it a hair and wanders off pitch in “Uninspired” but perhaps since the song is about drugs, he’s being a bit sloppy to underline the point. I love the western twang guitar on that song. Very Spaghetti Western ominous.

These are definitely two talented guys with a very entertaining CD I “Sick World”. They are interesting songwriters very good at their prospective tasks of singing and playing.

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