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CD REVIEW: Benjammin – “Shining From Inside”
By Stacey Board - 12/21/2003 - 12:02 AM EST

Artist: Benjammin
Album: “Shining From Inside”
CD Review: Benjammin’s CD is full of songs you could enjoy listening to in your car when you have to put your current Dalai Lama book down to drive. Each song is affirming and full of encouragement. I would describe the music as New Age sensibility with Folk instrumentation. The overall sound is very gentle and soothing.

Benjammin is a fine guitar player, with some especially nice work on “Slaying The Dragon”, an instrumental song. He assembled players that add subtle touches and accents. The songs are guitar based with accompanying shakers, subtle drums, bass and voices.

Benjammin shows us a thoughtful side in his songwriting, as in “Peaceful”. It considers what would happen if thousand-year old conflicts, greed, and lust for power could be put down. But Benjammin also has a humorous side. “The Devil’s Dog” is a rocking little number about troubles with a neighbor’s dog. Personally I have the same problem with a Doberman mix next door and I really enjoyed it. He also gives us some rocking blues on “We’re All One”

The love song and title track “Shining From the Inside” is more touching realizing it was co-written with the woman he gives thanks to in the liner notes for her “treasured life-partnership”, Deanna Lane.

“Shining From The Inside” is a stress free collection of songs of love, peace and joyful contemplation of life.

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