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CD REVIEW: Pamela Richardson - 'Spaghetti Midwestern' EP
By Steve Allat - 12/21/2003 - 05:07 PM EST

Artist: Pamela Richardson
Album: 'Spaghetti Midwestern' EP
CD Review: Label: Independent
Tracks: 6
Released: 2003
For Fans Of:: Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot, Neil Young
Fav Track: Tulips In The Stones

Pamela's debut collection of 6 songs showcases a songwriter who knows herself. It is readily apparent from the cohesiveness of the set that she has become very comfortable inside her skin, and at channeling herself into the delicately sombre mood she shrouds most of the material in.

Although sometimes difficult to hear, the passion behind the words does reflect an old soul with a timeless message about love and life, delivered in Pamela's unique, if somewhat reminiscent style. This is definitely 70's folk, and there are many reminders of the day - a melancholy violin recalls the Doobie Bros; a soaring flute reminds us of Tull and the Moody Blues; and some very tasteful piano brings the Carpenter's into the room. Above all, however, we have Pamela's own voice and perspective, and that breathes new life into the songs which could otherwise have been easily categorized and set aside.

There is a subtle cleverness to Pamela's sense of style in songwriting. It seems understated until you've had a few listens. Only then do the differences between the songs become more apparent.
Still, I would have welcomed some more change and a bit more adventure from this gifted songstress. She tempts the listener with harmonies, and very tasteful arrangements, which makes me want to hear more.

The lyrics speak for themselves. Pamela uses her words carefully and with them, conjures up images to complement her music perfectly. Once again, a unique perspective is all I can say. Every song has something interesting to say, in it's own way. You just have to listen.


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