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CD REVIEW: The Workers - East Bronx Epiphany
By James Grimes - 01/10/2004 - 05:30 PM EST

Artist: The Workers
Album: East Bronx Epiphany
CD Review: Principle songwriter Dan Greenwald (PhD) and Glenn Owens now make up an outfit called The Workers. A pop/goth electric rock duo (their description not mine) from Bronxville, NY.East Bronx Epiphany is the first full-length album released on Blitzkrieg Music, written with Bass player Rich Santiago. The Workers have created an album of eclectic musical shorts. Short dissonant songs containing hypnotizing medieval and playful choruses, with traces of Sabbath, well at least I heard some in “music took my soul” track 5, and Zappa inspired cuts like “John Q public”, which I thought was the strongest track on the album. It’s 80's inspired discord with the players going off in all directions and occasionally reaching a consensus, as in track 6 “ Metropolis Damned“ Is it Music for PhD’s? Well, it definitely requires a second and third listen, which is what I suspect Dan Greenwald would hope for, though initially it won't be everybody's cup of tea. The ironic contrast between the instrumentation and the lyrics has an appeal that seeps in rather than hitting you over the head.

East Bronx Epiphany has that pot inspired jam feel to it without the twelve minute meandering musical interludes. Though I think the songs could benefit from longer periods of that obviously ever present musical ability, Track 9, “Owned” is an example. The music has so many influences I was surprised that The Workers didn’t just embrace their talent and throw caution to the wind, hit record and play until until they ran out of tape, as if money was no object, impossible I know. I would like to see these guys live and would encourage all to do the same. In a nutshell, it’s the type of music you either get or don’t, the ones who have the time and space to dig a little further, might. On that note, a definite college crowd pleaser. As for first impressions, the artwork looks as professional as they come.

Without sounding like a droning cliché, I look forward to hearing some more from The Workers, and would enjoy spending the time listening and giving my two cents in the future.


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