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CD REVIEW: Sunny Travels – “But I Can’t Leave This Rocking Chair”
By Stacey Board - 01/27/2004 - 11:22 PM EST

Artist: Band: Sunny Travels
Album: “But I Can’t Leave This Rocking Chair”
CD Review: When I listened to the first track “Mr. Olsen Blues” I felt like I was being given some test. I can sum it up this way. If you can dig the first song, you will like the rest of the 7 song CD. If you have trouble with doubled vocals that are off pitch from each other, you might not.

Then I thought perhaps someone had given me some secret hidden basement tapes from lost Grateful Dead demos. You know, ones maybe they forgot about because they partied a little too hard?

And lastly I thought, maybe these are in some way just simple sweet groovy songs that aren’t perfect and I just should stop thinking so hard and light up - I mean lighten up.

Dear listener, you decide.

I have to say that a few of the songs sound like they went in to the studio on a double dare after a few beers. That’s not entirely a bad thing. On the plus side, the songs are full of raw, loose, ‘let’s have fun’ energy. These guys are definitely enjoying the songs. Fun can be contagious.

The song “Keep Me Sane”, especially the last chorus, sounds really good. In my opinion the best song is “Upon The Sea”. It's got the most memorable melody and the singing is the most together on this track. Both men in the duo, Blair Ross and Ryan Anderson play fine guitar throughout the CD.

If you want to lighten up and have some fun with music, you just might really enjoy the Sunny Travels CD.

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