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CD REVIEW: Scott Cooper - popfizz
By James Grimes - 02/16/2004 - 03:32 PM EST

Artist: Scott Cooper
Album: popfizz
CD Review: Popfizz is an apt title for Toronto artist, Scott Cooper’s new record. This 10 track, well-produced record gives one an accurate first impression; pop first and foremost. This is Scott Cooper’s second release the first being Strumming, in 2002. I get the impression that Scott has his mind focused on a clear destination. His image, production quality, and the songs all reflect a singer/songwriter that clearly understands the importance of combining all three to stand above the crowd. “How do you express yourself when every line has been used” Scott sings on Track 8, Steve Windwood, a question that any artist in the pop genre might ask. It seems Scott Cooper is finding a way.

I played the first track, Camino, for a friend of mine who has kids, two nine year old girls, and they dug it, proceeding to dance around the kitchen. Not to say that it won’t have an appeal for older folk but these kids are the real test. Centre Of The Universe I felt was definitely the best song on the record. It’s an infectious, good quality pop song with a nice textured feel, very radio friendly. I could hear several of these tracks on any number of TV shows from O.C to Boy Meets World. Shannon Lyon now with V2 Records adds some hearty vocals and variety to track 7, The Summer Song, a pop ballad full of sunshine, sand, acoustic guitar and layered strings. Track 3, Who You Were, is another honorable mention, a nice twist on the concept of authenticity. There are a lot of pop signatures on the record, the vocal effects as well as the type of instrumentation have been done before, but it doesn’t matter.

I was caught off guard by this record; it stands above a lot of other submissions I've received. popfizz is an optimistic, thoughtful pop record made by an artist who fits comfortably in a genre all to often filled with fakers. Check out Scott on his website. email:
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