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CD REVIEW: Grant Sparks - 'Grant Sparks'
By Steve Allat - 03/16/2004 - 08:54 PM EST

Artist: Grant Sparks
Album: 'Grant Sparks'
CD Review: Label: Independent
Tracks: 13
Released: 2003
For Fans Of:: Bruce Cockburn, Steve Earle, Soggy Bottom Boys (why not!)
Fav Track: Saving Grace, Liar Devil Smile, Erwin, Riversong.

Smooooth, like the southern drawl. At least, that's what this Canadian boy hears.

From the opening song through to the last, Grant's voice is telling stories in varied ways, holding your interest the entire time. Those stories sound true, as well, which is probably why the voice delivering them is strong & sure. It makes for easy listening.

The simple music (ok, I know sometimes it is complicated, but it sounds simple in the end) backing up the songs is also sure and reflective of the emotion of each song. One minute Grant is crooning and the next he's delivering a monologue-ish verse, and it all sounds sincere and like it belongs.
The messages of the songs are very personal and very accessible. Grant seems to want us to share his experiences with a vulnerability that is refreshing. Inviting. Comforting.

While many of the songs' lyrics do allude to what may be construed as contemporary Christian (or at least 'religious') ideals or beliefs, the way Grant delivers them makes you hear them simply as stories, lessons and a part of life. It's done in a very honoring way that makes you realize here is just a man speaking his truth, and that's a good thing.

The only thing I would have enjoyed more about the CD upon reflection is . . . more.
Perhaps more percussion and a bit more musical flavor. The songs don't really need it, I'm just greedy.

Have a listen, and decide for yourself.
Highly recommended.

Contact: Grant Sparks
Website: Grant's Website

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