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CD REVIEW: Tony Denikos - Time Tells Tales
By James Grimes - 03/17/2004 - 03:36 PM EST

Artist: Tony Denikos
Album: Time Tells Tales
CD Review: Tony Denikos is a singer songwriter from the Baltimore/Washington DC area. Time Tells Tales is a twelve-track effort full of experienced players playing songs about girls, God and country, and the folks.

The first track on the record, #9 Cloud, is my favourite track. It has a Mellancamp meets Jimmy Buffet feel to it and the back up vocals of Kevin O’Brennan, and Jen Smith really bring it alive.

Kill ‘em All, track 5, is a big piece of self-righteous pie. Kill whom? Where? I hope it’s ironic but I have my doubts, some subtlety would have been wise. The world doesn’t need another Alan Jackson. I believe that patriotism should be left for national anthems and that songwriters should always attempt to understand the larger picture. Maybe I am placing songwriters at too lofty a height.

Michelle, track 8, attempts a melody and a little rhythm change and manages to break the mold. Also, She Ought To Know, track 6, has some great guitar playing that sounds as if it’s chipping at the walls. Unfortunately strong playing will never replace strong structured songwriting. There are too many clichéd verses leading to forgetful choruses.

Time Tells Tales has a grown up middle-aged generic bar band sound. I doubt it will see the inside of my CD player again but if I throw an acid wash jean party I’ll pull it out. All the ingredients seem to be there, decent songwriting, and instrumentation, but I guess it just misses some spice. Same old meatloaf.

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