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CD REVIEW: The Majestic Twelve – “Searching For The Elvis Knob”
By Stacey Board - 03/26/2004 - 05:54 PM EST

Artist: The Majestic Twelve
Album: “Searching For The Elvis Knob”
CD Review: This is some of the strongest songwriting I have had the pleasure to hear in a long time. I was in love at first song.

It's beautiful, smart, funny, catchy, altcountryfolkpop. The voice of the writing is completely unique. Kenyata Sullivan seems to largely be the beating heart of this ensemble cast. He writes or cowrites each of the songs and plays no less than 6 instruments with an ‘etc.’ at the end of the list. I’m assuming he does the lead vocals. In “Sweet Patrice” he Waitses and Wainrights with haunting results. Each of the players add their own special touches and could not improve a thing.

Memo to Ryan Adams: Stop putting out a CD every 15 minutes, and wait until you have a collection as strong as this.

I admit that it is to a large degree songwriting about songwriting so I’m biased and can relate. BUT IT'S REALLY GOOD regardless of what you think of the subject matter. Each song is mercilessly likeable and catchy.

REM finally can click off the light and stop being an imitation of their past greatness. They have a rightful heir. Long live the Majestic Twelve.,

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