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CD REVIEW: Seth - Nowhere Sometimes
By James Grimes - 04/05/2004 - 09:35 PM EDT

Artist: Seth
Album: Nowhere Sometimes
CD Review: Seth is a renaissance man of sorts, a poet, photographer, folksinger, and composer. His energy seems to come from a splintered soul and it radiates in his poetically inspired music fusion. His own label Epiglotic Records has released three CD’s, Cryin‘ Songs (2003), consumerist love poetry(2002), and his latest Nowhere Sometimes (2004)is why indie artists are the backbone of creativity in the musical world.

Seth lives in the smarter side of the pop rock and blues world, actually Chicago. His music is eclectic and his lyrics are poetry that hide in the corners of the songs and speak behind some moody Dobro, slide and electric guitar. I loved the sound of this record. It sounds as if he is sitting on a stool singing to an empty bar, flat and some times off key. Tracks like Below can grate on your nerves but they serve to keep the listener aware that Seth can play, but also has a schizophrenic side that wants you to find him challenging.

He has a wonderful manic ability with words, “ Israel and Iraq only remind me of the small of your back” I love that line from the second song, Love Song #68749. The records sounds like an art project. The words and music are used sparingly and colorfully but still remain as a cohesive set of solid songs.

Nowhere Sometimes has 11 tracks, the first; Come down with me is a wonderful driving song that pulsates at the core with some with vocals and guitar shooting off to the sides. There is a spoken word track Spill, and lots of fun in between, Love Song #68749 to mention one with it's
Dylan-esque title and Beatle-esque sound.

To all who love the ugliness of Tom Waits, and the mind of Terry Gillian, well somewhere in between or nowhere near, I don’t know, pick up this CD.

And to the Mid West in particular, keep this man working.

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