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CD REVIEW: Janeska - "The Objective"
By Gian F - 04/20/2004 - 02:02 AM EDT

Artist: Janeska
Album: "The Objective"
CD Review: Genre: Dance
Sounds Like: Gwen Stefani
Technical Grade: 9
Production/Musicianship Grade: 9
Commercial Value: 7
Overall Talent Level: 6
Songwriting Skills: 6
Performance Skill: 6
Best Songs: On Your Knees, Butterfly Kisses, What The Heart Wants
Weakness: Needs stronger songs to match strong production
CD Review: Most people who review dance music tend to be lenient when it comes to dance artists because, after all, it's more about the beat and the personality of the artist than their talent, right? Unfortunately for Janeska, who is from San Francisco, California, I don't support that point of view.

The fact is, some of the better (i.e. commercially viable) dance songs not only observe, but embrace the 6 Rules Of Commercial Music Success. As an artist, Janeska's strongest qualities lie within her ability to sincerely capture and convey the emotional aspects of her songs - which she does aptly in "Butterfly Kisses," despite her lack of true vocal talent or skill.

"What Your Heart Wants," has all of the flavor and attitude of Kylie Minogue's hit, "Can't Get You Out Of My Head," but it simply fails to stick; even with a fortified production that's equal to or greater than Kylie's. In fact, that's a pattern that is established very early on in this project with the opening track, the funky, abstract electronica flavored, "On Your Knees," which finds her primary producer, Chris Carter/Millrace Productions, lending a generous amount of musical support to Janeska's vocal shortcomings.

Overall, It's a courageous effort with a curious objective.

Advice: Get better songs and remember, as a vocalist, YOU should be featured.

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