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CD REVIEW: Arthur Yoria - 'I'll Be Here Awake'
By Steve Allat - 05/18/2004 - 01:51 AM EDT

Artist: Arthur Yoria
Album: 'I'll Be Here Awake'
CD Review: Label: Independent - 12 Records, Inc.
Tracks: 10
Released: 2003
For Fans Of: Tal Bachman, Collective Soul
Fav Tracks: Permanent, *I'll Be Here Awake, P.S.A., At Least You've Been Told.
*denotes radio-friendly

The age of the singer-songwriter is upon us, and Arthur Yoria is a shining example of a man capable of writing, performing and producing catchy songs worthy of radio airplay any day of the week.

Strumming away and using his soft & silky vocals to hypnotize us with hooky melodies, Arthur is very able to take us on this 10-song tour of his world. His lyrics draw you in, as does his sleepy vocal styling, begging for your attention and your emotion. He makes a compelling case to be heard and to be sympathized with. You can decide for yourself if he deserves it - I just think he's worth the listen.

The sound ranges from soft acoustic to fairly heavy, the singing following in suit. Arthur is able to grab your attention quietly or demand your attention quickly by cutting through the moment with his steadiness. As well, he doesn't waste any time, giving us the goods in short bursts instead of overdoing a good thing, as too many artists do. His self-indulgences don't last long - as if he'd bore himself if he did. A keen sense of timing and melody go a long way toward moving the listener through the disc without any real low points. Very steady sailing.

Despite the sometimes melancholy feeling, the overall mood of the CD is positive and upbeat - a good thing, as a few wrong turns could have turned it into a 'whiney' listen. I feel Arthur's instincts are a little too good to let that happen, anyway.

Add him to the list - it's been a banner week and I'd have to say I could listen to this CD quite often.

Contact: Kio Novina Management
Website: Arthur Yoria

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