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CD REVIEW: Joel Bermudez - 3 song Demo
By Steve Allat - 05/20/2004 - 03:41 AM EDT

Artist: Joel Bermudez
Album: 3 song Demo
CD Review: Label: Independent.
Tracks: 3
Released: 2003
For Fans Of: Billy Joel, Gino Vanelli, Justin T, David Gray, Coldplay
Fav Tracks: *We'll Be Okay
*denotes radio-friendly

So, even though Joel's submission is only 3 songs, it's enough to know that Joel should keep singing and continue recording. I have no doubt he will, as you can hear how much he loves to sing in each of these 3 songs.

His voice is his strongest asset at this point and will do him no disservice no matter where his style takes him. He is also his own best backing vocalist, by my account.

The songs - well, they are pretty typical of the genre, I have to say, but they are his own, are honest and the delivery is very good. The backing music of soft piano and programmed drums
leaves something to be desired, but that's only because Joel is fairly new to the home recording game. With his ambition, talent and love of music, I expect those to be small hurdles to overcome. Besides, with his voice front and center, you hear what Joel really wants you to hear. Music to frame the words and melody are all he really needs. Does anyone ever marvel of Billy Joel's piano playing? (even though he is a great pianist?)

I'd like to hear more from Joel and to see what he comes up with in the way of music to accompany his current compositions. They are good, but they could be even better. Then, people will really start to take notice, I'm sure.

Contact: Joel himself
Website: Joel Bermudez

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