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CD REVIEW: Jono Aggett – “Jesus Now”
By Stacey Board - 05/24/2004 - 10:04 PM EDT

Artist: Jono Aggett
Album: “Jesus Now”
CD Review: This CD is a collaboration between the lead singer Jono Aggett and the songwriter Mel Lester. It contains 10 songs about the Christian Faith.

Aggett’s voice is quite strong, smooth and pleasing. He sings with a warm comfortable style like James Taylor. I know from experience it is much easier to sing something you wrote for your own voice, and singing the melodies of others can be a real challenge. But Aggett is quite able to handle all of it. The back up vocals and arrangements are also done quite well with equally strong singers. Interesting choral arrangements for backing vocals are throughout the CD.

The melodies are interesting and full of surprises and the tempos are upbeat more often than not. Mel Lester is a talented songwriter regardless of your particular faith. If these songs are being written for the ear of young adults who appreciate rhythm they are right on target. These songs would fit right beside any of the contemporary pop on the radio today.

One of the strongest songs in my opinion is “Jesus Now”. It has great melodic twists and turns and an ear catching groove. It’s a classic ‘feel good’ melody and tempo. Each song is obviously a labor of love for the writer and all the participants and they have made a very strong CD.

Fans of contemporary Christian Music will appreciate this well written and great sounding CD.

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