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CD REVIEW: Loretta - 'The Translation'
By Steve Allat - 06/01/2004 - 01:30 AM EDT

Artist: Loretta
Album: 'The Translation'
CD Review: Label: Independent - Benchmark Records
Tracks: 11
Released: 2003
For Fans Of: Radiohead, Yes, Dave Matthews Band, Honeymoon Suite
Fav Track: 1000 lbs, The Fire, Collide.

Loretta has produced one of the more polished cd's I've heard in quite a while. Everything seems under control, as they guide us through this sophistocated power-rock.

Hailing from Indiana, their sound tends toward the progressive tones usually heard the other side of the pond, leaving their place of origin ambiguous. The nice thing is that even though influences can be heard, they don't sound reproduced in any way. The 5 talented musicians who comprise Loretta have defined themselves with their own sound, composed of 'intricate melodies, driving guitars and soaring harmonies'. The vocals are distinct and captivating, always a plus with such textured music.

The songs are almost all very catchy. These guys have a very good ear for melody as well as mood and intricacy and finishing details. In other words, every song begins and ends thoughtfully and in between we are treated to beautiful music and vocals.

And while the songs do change in pace and overall sound, they are held together always by the band's distinguishing vocals and wall-of-sound guitars (3 guitars at work here, seeming like one BIG one).

The production & packaging are top-notch.

Do I not like anything about Loretta? Not really. They are a pretty serious listen, but that's just because they are obviously serious musicians. Works for me.
You'll be hearing from Loretta sometime soon.

Contact: Jesse Charles, Benchmark Records
Website: Loretta, Benchmark Records

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