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CD REVIEW: David Boyles - 'Bedroom Demos'
By Steve Allat - 07/20/2004 - 12:49 AM EDT

Artist: David Boyles
Album: 'Bedroom Demos'
CD Review: Label: Independent
Tracks: 11
Released: 2004
For Fans Of: Prince, Jamiroquaui, One Ton, George Michael
Fav Track: saturday, good thing

Another one-man show with an impressive sound. After one listen, not only do you know who David Boyles has been listening to, you know who David Boyles is. And that's when you know something is being done right by an artist. To cut through the past and get to the music he's making today so that we know what he wants to say and how he wants to say it.

On this disc, David does everything, literally, writing, recording, producing and playing every note- in his bedroom! Sounds great.

David's starting point is the melody. Strong vocal melodies drive every song. I'd be surprised if he ever writes music first, as the music seems to fill in around the melody of the voice just right. And who better to know what to play behind David's voice than . . . David. This leads to very balanced songs - no one part or instrument overpowers, although the voice is the distinctive element. As David says in track 4, he's 'got a good thing goin' on'.

The only place where he alienated me just the slightest was the close resemblance of his voice to Prince's on track 3 and in a few other places. It didn't seem like he was imitating for comparison or flattery, but he was just so eerily close to the until-recently unnamed one that it detracted a bit from the attention the song itself deserved. A small point in the long run, however.

The songs & lyrical content are very modern and up-to-date, very sexy and sensual in places, and very open and accessible. I don't see David having a problem expressing himself in any way, and the way he puts himself across is well done. Worth a listen for more than the melody.

You could say that David could be letting his ego lead the way, as could be assumed upon first listen, but after a few listens to the disc, the depth of songwriting skill and musicianship proves that he simply knows what he's doing, which makes for a worthwhile listen, time and again.

Very appealing, and I expect some success to roll his way because of it.

Contact: Michelle Crispin Broome @ Tom Callahan Associates
Website: David Boyles

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