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CD REVIEW: Erin Frisby, Self Titled EP
By Brett Thompson - 09/21/2004 - 08:16 AM EDT

Artist: Erin Frisby
Album: Self Titled EP
CD Review: Shut your eyes and you are in a plantation forest, it is early autumn, the leaves are starting to change colour and fall from the sky and you are loosing yourself among the rows of ordered trunks that seem to stretch forever, the afternoon sun your only distraction. If music could be photographed this is the picture Erin Frisbyís songs would frame.

With a perceived innocence and gentle smile, Erin could hold the gaze of an otherwise restless audience from first breath to final chord and this is a characteristic evident in her music. If curiosity alone could fill an auditorium, Erin Frisby would play nightly to a full house.

Eclectic but approachable, raw but intentional, minimal but never empty, Erinís classical background is definitely apparent in her vocal style. Erinís style is introverted, almost as if you are intruding on a private daydream. Sometimes cloudy or perhaps confused, her harmonies are unusual but upon returning to the song a second time, what was at first listen off key, appears awkwardly melodic.

Indeed you could loosely liken Erin to Bjork without the challenging percussion or Beth Orton without the dusty cry. However where Erin differs from these two performers is that unlike Beth and Bjork her style is not solidly supported by her substance, an obvious individuality does not shine through. Her songs indeed are pleasing to the ear but they do not make me want to go and buy an album full of them. They are nice tracks with interesting vocal arrangements at times but I am left wanting moreÖand I donít think it will take too much to satisfy this want.

Erin has a mature understanding of what her voice can do and this needs to be exploited, where vocal layering is present it is very effective. The direction of each song, largely driven by the guitar in most tracks needs to be less predictable and the drums could also be more experimentally used as repetitive snare and high hat can distract from the cleverly constructed lyrics and harmonies at times.

An Indie audience responds to songs that are challenging, heartfelt and open to interpretation. If Erin Frisby can channel her talent into producing more challenging accompaniments to match her vocal potential not mask it, a fuller more satisfying experience her music will be. You have the audiences attention Erin, it's time to make it worth their while to join you on the journey.

Erin is currently recording her debut full length album due out this fall. For further information contact Erin at

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