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CD REVIEW: Half a Halo - The Thrashing Floor ep
By Steve Allat - 10/23/2004 - 12:34 AM EDT

Artist: Band: Half a Halo
Album: The Thrashing Floor ep
CD Review: Label: Independent D.U.P. Records
Tracks: 6
Released: 2003
For Fans Of: Stone Temple Pilots, Queens of the Stone Age, Filter, Tea Party
Fav Tracks: ALL OF 'EM! (but mostly 'Outstretch, Losing Sound & Plateau').

All right. The first track is killer. I mean, I don't think I've enjoyed an opening track as much as this in a long time. Great lead and backing vocal with music to match the big hook thrown out.
Second tune continues where the first one left off. Great guitar, excellent vocals once again.
I really like Dave Thompson's vocals. A perfect clean complement to the hard-edged music he's cutting through. That's very solid playing behind all very well produced - by Dave!

Track 3 follows along with more of the same, but different and I love it. Now the 'backup' vocals become more prominent. Very well done, man can this guy (bassist John) fill it up - with style.
Then, song 4 changes things up a bit. Whoa. A bit harder, and the backup vocals are up front. Very well done, especially with Dave now in the back softening things up. A great change of pace and as close to rap as this kid gets without turning the volume way down.

Lyrically, the writing explores themes like the duality of man, acceptance and the search for truth. It suits the overall content and I am always a fan of hard-hitting music that somehow makes us question the softest things inside ourselves. A great balance.

Overall, there is balance like I haven't enjoyed in a cd in quite a while. Lead and backups complement each other and the songs well. There is a mix of slow, medium and fast tempos even within just 6 songs. The musicians each get there turn as well, while performing beautifully on every track, complementing the songs as they should.

With Dave at the helm, it sounds to me likes its only a matter of time and that up is the only way to go. I expect to see them playing around my neck of the woods sometime soon.
And, if we're lucky, a full disc is on the way.

Contact: Helen Stroumbous Manager of Promotions, D.U.P. Records
Website: Half A Halo

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