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CD REVIEW: Danni O'Neill - "Picture Perfect"
By Gian F - 11/13/2004 - 07:58 PM EST

Artist: Danni O'Neill
Album: "Picture Perfect"
CD Review: Genre: Country
Sounds Like: Allison Kraus
Technical Grade: 9
Production/Musicianship Grade: 10
Commercial Value: 10
Overall Talent Level: 10
Songwriting Skills: 10
Performance Skill: 10
Best Songs: Take Me Away, Echoes In The Silence, How Can I Lose, Picture Perfect, Love Done Done, Breakin' It Down
CD Review: There's a lot to love about Country music; the passion, the sincerity, the wit, and the spirit. The debut CD by singer/songwriter Danni O'Neill, from Toronto, Canada via Nashville, TN, embodies all of those elements. From the gate she delivers strong commercial songs that illustrate her comfort in the new "modern" Country format. She easily and effortlessly blends Pop music melodies with palpable emotional performances that cut through all boundaries and genres.

The search for "the single" on this CD was a difficult, but highly enjoyable task. I selected "Take Me Away," a song about the pressures that we all face in life and how we yearn to escape them. A sentiment that would be readily embraced by radio listeners throughout the country - especially when influenced by Danni's convincing vocal performance and the song's soaring chorus that makes you feel like, well, you're being taken away.

The talent and experience level of Danni's support team, lead by producer Mark Moffatt, resulted in something rare and usual: there is not one throw-away track on this CD, and as a result, finding a follow-up single was a challenge - a challenge that all record companies would like to have.

My choices were the playful and bouncy, "Love Done Done," which has the same cross-over appeal as "How Can I Live Without You" by Trisha Yearwood or LeAnn Rimes (your pick); the cleverly written "Picture Perfect," along with the personality driven and very well-produced, "What Is Me." Then there's the gem of them all: the track that could be 2005's version of Brad Paisley's "Whisky Lullaby," the poignant, emotive, and beautifully performed, "Echoes In The Silence."

The choices are abundant, and they all would be correct. This could very well be the first time that I've reviewed an indie project that is equal to, if not greater than, those released by majors. She has the songs; the label; the professional team; the producer; the product; AND the look.

I see a picture perfect future for Danni O'Neill.

Advice: You need none. You're on the right track.

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