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CD REVIEW: Russ Rentler - "Acoustic Minstrel"
By Stacey Board - 11/18/2004 - 01:45 PM EST

Artist: Russ Rentler
Album: "Acoustic Minstrel"
CD Review: There is a sweetness and sincerity that cannot be manufactured and it thrives
in Russ Rentler's music. "Maggie's Blue's" is one of my favorites. It is a timeless tune
full of energy. If someone told me that it was either a 200 year old appalachian melody
and someone else told me it is a current original I could believe both of them.
It is in fact, one of Mr. Rentler's own.

Don't think sappy or trite or cliche. Think soaring, arcing 'put a smile on your face'
acoustic folk. Think a true breath of fresh air on culturally intherited instruments like
dobro, acoustic guitars, mandolin, fiddle and dulcimer to name just a few. This AINT
your grandma's folk music but it does give a respectful nod to its influence.

Rentler's voice is sweet and plain and almost timid at times but it is as true blue as
they come. This is a man in love with music and making music and it shows.

"Acoustic Minstrel" is as fine a folk CD as I have heard in quite a long time and fans
of both traditional and contemporary folk will all find lots to appreciate here.

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