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CD REVIEW: Jennifer Paskow - Somewhere to rest my head
By Brett Thompson - 12/02/2004 - 08:23 AM EST

Artist: Jennifer Paskow
Album: Somewhere to rest my head
CD Review: Bright, simple, pure, beautiful. Jennifer Paskow has a voice that is as sweet as it is haunting.

With a banjo the perfect accompaniment, ‘Somewhere to rest my head’ could have proved the perfect soundtrack to Dawson’s Creek had it been written five years earlier. Heartfelt and at times shyly versed, Ms Paskow takes her position alongside the likes of Jewel (Pieces of You), Paula Cole and Heather Nova having produced a record of high quality in a style one can comfortably recline in a hammock to.

Sleepy vocals and playful strings (banjo, ukelele, slide guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar) dominate this album and accompany one another naturally and effortlessly. You will be humming along to ‘Beautiful I remember’ after your first listen and indeed I would have to say this is the most eventful track on this record, with the other delicate melodies sitting alongside it, not exceeding it unfortunately. This would perhaps be my greatest criticism if you could call it one.

A perfect album to unwind to, ‘Somewhere to rest my head’ is inoffensive folk pop that follows a formula which is as appealing to some as it is repellent to others. Not so much a journey as a suspended moment, this album should be played down low, candles lit, bath drawn.

Jennifer’s song 'Nowhere to run' from 'Somewhere to rest my head' was recently featured in the off Broadway show 'Feed the Hole' written by Michael Stock. Jennifer plays regularly in New York City at venues such as The Living Room and CB’s Gallery, for further information and to find out more about Jennifer Paskow be sure to pay a visit to her website

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