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CD REVIEW: Electric Turn To Me - 'Clouds Move So Fast' Promo EP
By Steve Allat - 01/09/2005 - 04:22 PM EST

Artist: Band: Electric Turn To Me
Album: 'Clouds Move So Fast' Promo EP
CD Review: Label: Independent - No Quarter Records
Tracks: 5
Released: 2004
For Fans Of: K's Choice, Jefferson Airplane meet the Doors, Garbage
Fav Track: Pick Up The Trail.

Electric Turn To Me are creating music that channels sounds from the 60's distinctly funneled through an alternative machine.

Silke's vocals are definitely attention getting. Cutting through like Chrissie Hynde on a super-soy protein high. Very interesting and attacking. Think Grace Slick and Shirley Manson.

The music attempting to back her voracious pipes is a mix of modern alternative and keyboard texture like the Doors only simpler and buried a bit more.
There is also some very 'busy' playing going on, grooving along smoothly in a cacophony - a very listenable 'wall of sound'.
The songs hearken back to the late 60's/early 70's but with an up-to-date edge and range from mid-tempo ballads to all out rockers.

Although I really liked the sound of this 5-disc intro to the band, there was something just a slight bit flat about the overall production that left me wanting more from them. I like all the pieces that are there - music, vocals and lyrics are all on the mark.

For now, they are still very solidly on their way and I enjoy knowing they're out there.

Contact: Electric Turn To Me info
Blake 347.204.0844
Website: Electric Turn To Me

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