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CD REVIEW: Joey Graziano - A Road Well Traveled
By Brian Rutherford - 01/19/2005 - 08:57 PM EST

Artist: Joey Graziano
Album: A Road Well Traveled
CD Review: It wasn’t too long ago I was in high school walking down the hall past the school band teacher. Often times I wondered just what kind of music a high school teacher made when he’s not molding children. With the arrival of Joey Grazianos’ 2003 release “A Road Well Traveled”, I was finally in (a) position to hear just that - one high school teacher’s vibe of this thing called music.

Although an enormous amount of comparisons can be quickly made to the beginning of the CD to rock legends Pink Floyd’s early 60’s stuff, let’s not dish out that much credit just yet. The addition of 80’s like synth beat combinations on songs like track four come and remove this effort from the hall of 60’s trip/rock with its catchy down beat.

Vocally throughout the disc I’m left with a hankering for some Syd Barrett. More so concentrating on the paths of Dreamy/Pop, track seven “Cruiser”manages to pick up the pace with its ‘Saved By The Bell’ theme song-like vibes.

Remove the echoey Zack Attack geetar effect pedals, and Joey (who sews all forms of writing and instrumental tapestry) manages to throw together quite the gorge of diversity. Although I, myself, may never purchase a Graziano effort, anyone still reeling over Timbuk3, or David and David’s “Boomtown” would be filthily satisfied with “A Road Well Traveled.”

Visit Joey Graziano's website.

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