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CD REVIEW: Anagram - Songs from far away
By Brett Thompson - 02/15/2005 - 08:24 AM EST

Artist: Anagram
Album: Songs from far away
CD Review: 'Anagram' is Jessica Congdon and Eric Holland. And ‘Songs from Far Away’ is their latest collaboration; a refreshing, ephemeral electro slash indie pop record, perfectly suited to today’s musical tastes and current thirst for what lies in the haze between electronic and rock. At a time where acts like ‘Frou Frou’, ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’s’ and ‘Radiohead’ are capturing the interests of the greater public, Anagram are positioning themselves perfectly to capitalise on this trend.

Partner this with the success they have enjoyed on recent film soundtracks and you have an act that is sure to attract some attention, if they haven’t already.

Anagram draws from influences that extend beyond their place of birth and this is one of the most evident features of their music. Their sound is transient, but with confidence I can say, not fleeting in its appeal. Drawing from life experience has enriched the sound and travel especially, has given the bands music a depth that can only be drawn from maturity and a sense of place. Anagram possess a real identity that is subtle at times as it is obvious at others. Their tracks do not tell you what to think of their style or their desired meaning, they let you draw your own conclusions in your own time.

Anagram are about connecting with an audience visually as well as aurally and so it is rather fitting that film soundtracks are of particular interest to the pair when it comes to future projects. ‘Songs from Far Away’ will wash over you like it does the hero in the film sequence you vividly picture when listening to every track. Raw, understated attitude seeps between the confident riffs and percussive assaults that dominate this album. Torn between wanting to move and wanting to sit in reflection the words anxious, coy and confident seem an appropriate reference point, however contradictory their meaning.

Slash your jeans, don your blazer and expect to hear from this group at a trendy bar, cinema or smoke-filled, basement level night-spot near you. Curious?

You should be.

‘Songs from Far Away’ will be released on 0to1 Records/Revolver US Distribution. Anagram will also feature on the soundtrack for indie film ‘La Nature Morte D’Un Flic’ currently in post production.

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