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CD REVIEW: Karli Bonne - Angel Without Wings
By Brett Thompson - 02/15/2005 - 08:35 AM EST

Artist: Karli Bonne
Album: Angel Without Wings
CD Review: Karli Bonn has made a fair attempt at exploring a wide range of different genres on this, her second album ,‘Angel Without Wings.’ Karli’s voice is indeed clear as is her message; a spirituality that fuels her desire to write music and reach out to like-minded others through her songs and the faith behind her lyrics. Admittedly when you hear the words ‘Christian singer driven to perform by her passion for music and love of God’ you approach with caution as unfortunately, too many Christian albums are littered heavily with propaganda to the point of being rendered void of musical interest. But Karli, to her credit, escapes isolating listeners through her variety of styles, tempos and ethnic influences, which include mysterious Middle Eastern grooves and Latin inspired salsa.

This album has been well produced to the point of almost being impersonal. And I guess this is the risk exploring such a diverse range of styles poses; lack of ownership over any. Carried by her voice, Karli’s songs do capture ones attention and this is at its most obvious on track four, ‘Psalm 93’. This track shows how interesting minimal instrumentation can be when you have a strong voice to take your listener on the desired journey. I would encourage Karli to distance herself from the dated, electronic, heavily automated backing music used on many of her tracks in pursuit of a purity of sound. Explore harmony and raw percussion as you have the voice to bring this style to life.

A lot of Christian artists simply jump behind an electronic keyboard, drowning their message behind heavy synth soundscapes and this is an avenue best avoided by Karli I believe. Having made that move to not just be ‘another Christian artist’ Karli needs to find a plain of her own and enjoy the audience that will follow her as a result.

Karli Bonne’s ‘Angel Without Wings’ is currently available for sale on her website or at

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