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CD REVIEW: The Complements - Something Like Happiness
By Steve Allat - 02/19/2005 - 07:36 PM EST

Artist: The Complements
Album: Something Like Happiness
CD Review: Label: Independent
Tracks: 5
Released: 2005
For Fans Of: Blue Rodeo,
Fav Tracks: .

A Canadian duo, consisting of vocalist Nurit Suzana and vocalist/guitarist Kevin Zarnett appears ready to bring us some new sounds in the vein of folky country that this country is gaining a reputation for.

Although the songs on the debut EP were written by Kevin and musician-friend Dave Taylor, Nurit makes her vocal presence taking the occasional lead and harmonizing with Kevin on tracks where the lyrics were ready for his voice. I'll be interested to hear what the pair comes up with together, as I assume the songs will take a bit of a different direction now.

The current collection sounds like a very safe foray into the genre. Both vocalists handle their parts well and the songs are fairly typical. The musicians hired to fill in the gaps are top-notch and unnoticeable, meaning they've done their job in playing for the melodies. The only negative note is that the organ sound & phrasing is a little too close to that of earlier Blue Rodeo, making comparisons a little too easy. There needs to be something more to set them apart in finding their niche of unique sound.

I don't really have any more praise or complaints, as the disc is well performed, well produced and well written. It's just a little 'blah' is all.
Just a few observations to conclude:
- a little more passion in the vocal delivery would pick the songs up a notch
- reinforcing the strong melodies so that they become more memorable
- separating the songs from each other a little more with identifiable hooks
And then you're well on your way. Keep havin' fun!

Contact: Information
Website: The Complements

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