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CD REVIEW: Chris Graham - Every Day Has An End
By Steve Allat - 02/21/2005 - 07:06 PM EST

Artist: Chris Graham
Album: Every Day Has An End
CD Review: Label: Independent
Tracks: 10
Released: 2004
For Fans Of: Wallflowers, John Mellencamp
Fav Tracks: Miracles, Rubber Ball.

Americana from Canada's largest metropolis. Who'da thunk?
The very talented Chris Graham, who plays every every note on the disc, has focused the last year and a half of his time formulating his debut CD in a pop/rock format.

The album is pretty serious, not just in lyric where Chris deals with some current events such as Globalization ('Gone American') and genetically modified foods ('If I Knew What It Was'), but also because of the musical tone he sets. He is definitely set about telling us something, and includes love and frivoloty in the mix as well. His style and delivery are very strong, which brings us into his lyrics with him because you believe what he's telling you, if only for the moment.

Unfortunately, Chris' style stops a few strong hooks short of becoming memorable. It's just a slight bit too recognizable, and that makes it miss the mark, keeping him from reaching that step above. Instead what we get is very everyday.
Feels to me like he needs to relax into himself some more or discover his natural genre - from the inflection in some of the songs, I could hear blues, folk, country and even lounge in his potential repertoire. Just like with the elusive 'big hook', I feel that Chris is stopping himself short of really giving into melody and instead smoothes all of the songs out a bit too similarly.

'Ono Eddie' has a great driving beat, and despite being a huge Pearl Jam fan myself, the lyrics left me wanting a bit. The club beat on 'Rubber Ball' interested me, but then the guitar drew me right back to where the previous song left off. Over the course of 10 songs, I really didn't sink my ears into more than a few passing moments, which seems a shame considering Chris' obvious all-around talent and effort (he's his own producer, too!).

It's all very well done, Chris, it's just leaving me wanting more than just all the talent that creates a CD like this - I'd rather hear from a deeper place with just a voice or a killer guitar lick. First you have to catch people's attention, then that talent can be put to greater use.

Contact: Info
Website: Chris Graham

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