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CD REVIEW: Osgoods - Automatic Do-Over
By Steve Allat - 02/22/2005 - 08:23 PM EST

Artist: Osgoods
Album: Automatic Do-Over
CD Review: Label: Independent
Tracks: 9
Released: 2003
For Fans Of: Barenaked Ladies
Fav Tracks: Boulders, Eggshells, Sleepyhead, .

'Agitated Pop' is a good self-description for these Osgoods, a simple trio making melodic power pop with quirky lyrics.

Anthony Nigro leads the way, writing all the tunes and starring on vocals and guitar, both of which are melodically angsty, but not in an overly serious manner. Sometimes he crams a lot of words in a small space, and mostly it suits the style, as the music is pretty quick to match. Background vocals are fine, but could be a bit more up front, making for a bigger impact in places.

The music behind the voice is steady and holds a lot of interest of it's own, and switches nicely from soft to hard and fast to slow when needed. Musical hooks about, and sometimes set the tone and the vocals simply stride over top.

Lyrically, it's pretty lighthearted stuff, matching the vocal delivery which tips you off to the semi-sarcastic tone which predominates. You won't get brain strain trying to comprehend, and it's all got an upbeat and casual quality to it that makes it a fun ride to take.

This is a very good set of tunes overall - and if there's anything I'd like to hear them do any differently, it would be to mix it up a bit more. A few different musical ideas and vocal hooks could really set them apart. For now, though, at least they're standing on solid ground.

No Do-Over this time, guys.

Contact: Anthony
Website: Osgoods

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