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CD REVIEW: Derrick Jordan - Touch the Earth
By Steve Allat - 02/24/2005 - 03:40 AM EST

Artist: Derrick Jordan
Album: Touch the Earth
CD Review: Label: Independent - Worldsoul Records
Tracks: 13
Released: 2002
For Fans Of: Corbin Keep (see review), Chicago
Fav Tracks: Undying, Endangered Species, Love To Spare, True Love, Something's Gonna Change

Multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer Derrick Jordan wants to make more people more aware of the beauty and wonders of the natural world, so he decided to use his new album to call attention to environmental problems and possible solutions. To be a part of the tangible solution, he is donating 10% of all profits to ecology-preservation organizations (Greenpeace, Sierra club, citizens Awareness Network).

This disc is upbeat for the most part, where only a few more somber parts creep in, and lyrically it's more about what we can do than what we can't, but of course sometimes you have to point out what you think is 'wrong' in order to state what could be done to change the current state.

There's a definite Native American feel on many songs and a few sounds from nature, as could be expected from the aptly named 'Touch The Earth'. Other influences heard include: Caribbean, African, South American and Australian. Horns pop in every now and then world music instruments, with Derrick playing no less than 30 himself, as well as handling all vocals.

While I'm not in love with Derrick's voice, his heartfelt expression is on the mark. His words and his message are crystal clear. His respect & admiration for our planet and nature's unconditional support of the human race is humbling and something I would like for all of us to hear from him or experience firsthand
Highlights on the disc include: The violin on 'Love to Spare'; the music on 'Song Of The Forest'; Electric violin again on 'Something's Gonna Change'; vocals on 'Endangered Species' - the best on the CD.
The instrumental 'Undying' sizzles and is easily my favourite music on the disc!

I think the album could have benefited from more voices, in the way of outside vocalists or even choirs of voices (even DJ harmonizing & layering himself more than he does).
Other than that, there are more than a few reasons to support this disc, from condoning taking responsibility for our planet to embracing a talented world artist bent on making a difference. Either way, we win.

Contact: The Creative Service Company - Publicity Agent
Website: Derrick Jordan

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